Transformed Into His Likeness

Transformed Into His Likeness

Armand has written this book as a helpful resource detailing how to put Christ-like change into practice in everyday life, and as a practical tool for those involved in counseling and other discipleship ministries.

Here is concrete biblical guidance on an extensive array of common life problems from a faithful pastor who understands his calling to minister to people who need practical ‘Put Off/Put On’ change. There is a wealth of Scripture to consider as you apply the Bible to yourself and seek to lead others along the path of Christian growth.
Robert D. Jones

Asst. Professor of Biblical Counseling, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Pastor Tiffe has written an excellent resource for any Christian who wants to really grow and mature in God’s grace. This workbook is clear, practical, and an accurate explanation of the process of biblical change.
Martha Peace

Biblical Counselor, Author, The Excellent Wife

About the book

Many Christians pray, “Lord, change me.” Here is biblical help for those who want to change. Transformed into His Likeness is a valuable resource for individual Christians seeking help in personal struggles, or for pastors and counselors and those they counsel.

The strength of this resource is that it is a complete package.

It explains the biblical process of change, helps identify where personal change is needed, provides pertinent Scripture references to problem areas, and offers a practical worksheet to walk you through the change process and help you implement biblical change into your life.

This workbook contains over 100 common problems facing Christians today along with biblical solutions for each, including special categories dealing with hindrances to spiritual growth, husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, teens and children. The explanation on how a believer changes and grows in Christ-likeness is enlightening and easy to grasp. The scriptures are a great resource right at your fingertips.

A word to Counselors and Disciple Makers

This is an excellent resource to get into the hands of those you are counseling or discipling. Homework may be assigned by you for the person to work through in areas of need.

Download a PDF document that provides suggestions on how to use this book in a counseling or discipling ministry.

You may also download a “Quick-Find Alphabetical Index of Topics” PDF document.

One very prominent theme in Scripture involves putting off ungodly practices and putting on Godly practices in the process of biblical change into the likeness of Christ. You simply cannot read the Scripture carefully without having the truth impressed upon you that change is important and that change is a process. As we consider this matter of change, two questions need to be answered: what should we change, and how can this change be accomplished? In this booklet, Transformed Into His Likeness, Armand Tiffe answers both of these questions in a very clear and understandable way. The contents of this booklet are well arranged and fully supported by biblical references. Individuals will find it useful for promoting personal growth, and counselors will find it helpful for counseling assignments.
Wayne Mack

Author, Adjunct Professor of Biblical Counseling, The Master's College

Armand Tiffe has compiled an impressive list of categories for change, and an ample supply of Put Off and Put On verses that instruct the serious disciple in how to make these changes stick. His introductory teaching concisely and clearly helps people understand the biblical process of change. This book is a ‘keeper’ for both counselees and counselors.
Joe Propri

Pastor & Director, Biblical Counseling Institute