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Armand has written these books as helpful resources detailing how to put Christ-like change into practice in everyday life, and as a practical tool for those involved in counseling and other discipleship ministries.

Transformed Into His Likeness

About the book

Transformed Into His Likeness: A Handbook for Putting Off Sin and Putting on Righteousness, by Armand Tiffe, is an applicable and practical sequel to “The Liberating Truth of Romans 6.” It is a helpful resource detailing how to put Christ-like change into practice in everyday life, and a handy, practical tool for counseling and discipling others. Pastors, church leaders, biblical counselors, small group leaders, and any Christian seeking to lead others along the path of spiritual growth will find it to be a useful tool to use. It explains the biblical process of change, helps identify where personal change is needed, provides pertinent Scripture references to problem areas, and offers a practical worksheet to walk a person through the change process and help them implement biblical change into their life. Available at Amazon or directly from Focus Publishing.

The Liberating Truth of Romans 6

About the book

The Liberating Truth of Romans 6: Breaking Free From Sinful Habits, Thoughts, and Tendencies, by Armand Tiffe, contains the liberating truth of a believer’s union and identity in Christ. Its importance as it relates to our struggle against sin cannot be overstated. Trying to resist our sinful habits, thoughts, and tendencies without grasping and believing the spiritual truths of this passage is like trying to stop a running bull with our bare hands. Many Christians have tried to resist the force of indwelling sin by sheer willpower but have failed repeatedly, so they resign themselves to a mediocre Christian life. The liberating truth of Romans 6 is an eye-opener and faith-builder for any struggling Christian. Guided questions follow each chapter for closer personal application. It is a very good resource for personal use, counseling, discipleship, and for small group study and discussion. (Recommended by The Gospel Coalition’s New Books You Should Know (May 2019). Available at Amazon or directly from Focus Publishing.

The Most Encouraging Promise in the Bible

About the book

The Most Encouraging Promise in the Bible: Encouraging Words for Discouraged Souls, by Armand Tiffe: The valleys of life are dark places. We all experience black clouds of discouragement from time to time on our journey through life. There are times when we feel overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness and the inability to deal with the pressures and problems we face in life or ministry. During these times, we need the assurance of hope that only God can give us. This mini-book will minister to anyone no matter what they are facing or what they are up against. It amplifies and expounds on God’s life-sustaining promise, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” As Matthew Henry aptly states, “This promise contains the sum and substance of all the promises” [of God]. It truly is encouraging words for discouraged souls! (Voted #3 in the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Top 10 books of 2018). Available directly from Focus Publishing.

Cultivating a Good Family Heritage by Armand & Kathy Tiffe

Cultivating a Good Family Heritage

About the book

Cultivating a Good Family Heritage: Leave your children a legacy to cherish, not just a material inheritance, by Armand and Kathy Tiffe: What kind of family heritage are you passing down to your children? If it is only money, land, or some other material possession, it falls too short for a Christian family. God desires that we leave something more — a rich legacy consisting of close family ties, cherished memories, and biblical values. Based on what our Heavenly Father has modeled for us, Armand and Kathy Tiffe emphasize three essential elements for cultivating a good, solid family heritage your children will carry into adulthood and fondly look back on. Cultivating a Good Family Heritage offers concrete, practical ways of implementing these three elements into your family life. It will especially be pertinent for parents of pre-school children through early-teen-years. Available directly from Focus Publishing.